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Electric contact water level meter two meter intelligent contact liquid level display table boiler light column adjustment instrument

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Product overview:

This product has been developed and commissioned by the Japanese integrated circuit manufacturer to customize the special integrated circuit. It can accept liquid level switch signal, set up the liquid level of each level switch separately, indicate the current level with LED digital form and light bar, and connect with computer. It is suitable for all kinds of electric contact liquid level meter and floating ball level meter. It is used to measure the water level of boiler drum and other liquid level.

Main performance:

It has two groups of figures and light columns, which can be used intuitively and conveniently.

There is a 1~3 - way transfer output.

Four alarm output can be set, the alarm method can reach more than ten kinds, and the alarm parameters are controlled.

It can provide RS485 asynchronous serial communication mode of multi host, single host and no host. The communication data tested in accordance with CRC-16 data communication standard, high reliability, bar code check.

Shape size: 

The 160 x 80   Opening 152 x 76

Vertical 80 * 160   Opening 76 x 152

横式96×48或竖式 开孔92×45

Mode 96 x 96    Opening 92 x 92

Mode 72 x 72    Opening 68 x 68

Mode 48 X 48 Opening 45 x 45


Instrument use and maintenance

1、The instrument should be placed on the occasion of dry, ventilated and non corrosive gas, and the ambient temperature and relative humidity are in accordance with the technical conditions.

2、According to the needs, the correct selection of the instrument model and the related procedures, so that the user can not be debugged or directly used.

3、As the instrument has many functions, it is necessary to set up the B menu operation procedure and correct connection according to the working condition. If there is a need to recommend the user to send members to the factory to learn.

Random appendage

1、智能表 1台

2、合格证 1份

3、使用说明书 1份

4、符号 1份