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XH-W2028 refrigerator freezer cabinet industrial special digital display temperature controller, digital temperature controller 0.1 precision

Buzzer is the key tone and high temperature alarm prompt, with a voice, not with no sound, the operating system is the same, that is, there is sound and no sound difference

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Note that this paragraph does not have a buzzer, that is, there is no key tone and alarm tone


Manual of digital temperature controller


A,Fast use

1、According to the instructions to connect the power supply and load, pay attention to do not exceed the pressure and overload use!

2、By setting mode, pressSet 5Seconds showP0According to theSetTune intoHHeating mode/CRefrigeration mode

3、Can set the desired temperature, according to aSetScreen flickerPress the up and down button to set the required temperature directly

4、RstIt is the confirmation key. Long press this key to realize the function of the switch machine

Two. Technical parameters

Range of temperature control:-50~110

branchResolutionThe rate of:-9.9~99.9time0.1Other temperature segments1

Temperature measurement accuracy:0.2%FS

Temperature control precision:0.1

Refresh frequency:0.5 S

Input power supply:12V -24V -220VOptional (see purchase parameters)

Measurement input:NTCB3950=10K  0.5%1Meter type water proof sensor

Output type: output switch, maximum capacity10A

Environmental requirements:-30~60humidity20%-85%

Machine size:77*35*88mm

Hole size:70.5*29mm

Three. Parameter function description

Long pressSet 5Seconds to enter internal parameter settings, press up and downswitchP0...P8PressRstConfirm return



Code description

set range

factory setting


Refrigeration mode/Heating mode




Backlash setting




Maximum setting range




Minimum setting range




Temperature correction




Delay start time




High temperature alarm




Data lock switch




Restore factory settings




P0Refrigeration and heating mode

High temperature start for refrigeration mode, please set asC

Low temperature start is heating mode, please set asH

P1Backlash setting

Heating modeH): measured value is less than or equal to the set value of hysteresis when heated to the preset value stop start output

Refrigeration modeC): measured value is more than the set value and start output to the set value of refrigeration stop back difference

P2Maximum setting range: the maximum value does not exceed this value when setting temperature

P3Minimum setting range: when setting temperature, the minimum value is not less than this value

P4Temperature correction

This function can be used to correct the corrected temperature when there is a deviation between the measured temperature and the standard temperature=Temperature before correction+Correction value

P5Delay start timeUnit: min.

When controlling the refrigeration of compressor equipment, the delay time can be set according to the requirement. When the controller outputs, the device will not start immediately and start after the set delay time is set

P6High temperature alarm

When the measurement value is greater than this value, the screen displays---The alarm is broken and the output is forced to disconnect

P7Data lock function

Open the data lock, you can keep the current settings are not changed, the setting temperature and function are invalid, if you need to modify, you need to close the data lock function

P8Restore factory settings

Long pressSETswitch toP8OnceSETSet toonAccording to the.RstRestore factory settings

Can hold on the poweronselftest + - keys and restore factory settings

Four. Instructions for use

Please connect the power supply with the parameters and the wiring diagram, and connect the refrigeration or heating equipment to the output

Enter the internal settings and select heating as requiredP0ChoiceHOr refrigeration (enter)P0ChoiceCModel

Setting temperature method: press one timeSetThe screen flashes and sets the required temperatureRstConfirm return

FaceplateOUTIndicator light: flashing for cooling or heating start delay, often bright output

Digital tube: displayLLLOpen the sensor; displayHHHTo exceed the measuring range, the thermostat will force the power off; display---Alarm for high temperature


Five, supporting accessories (has been installed)

Temperature sensor 1 / plastic case bracket 2 / waterproof back cover baffle 1 / Manual 1 copies