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Special automatic door adding unit, whole glass induction door 0ES machine, 15 door electric sleeve automatic translation, automatic weighing

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Our company specializes in installation of induction automatic door, electronic lock, in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Foshan City installation fee eight hundred yuan artificial. If there is a remote site can be installed at home, installation fees and other costs according to the change of the price, all must consult the electricity, Chen Sheng 13925946638. can come to our entity shop consultation model. Address; Nanhai District, Yanbu Town, Foshan big turning decorative market phase fifth G13 files. If the quantity is large, welcome to sign the brand                                     The whole set comes with the following standards:
Thickening track: 2 root (2.1 meters per root)
Control panel: 1 motors: 1 Units
24G sensor: 2 belts: 1 strips
Pendulum device: 2 lifting wheels: 4
Power cord: 1 belt clamps: 2
Tail wheel: 1 stopper: 2
Connection piece: 4

Characteristics of brand automatic door unit:

1. wide range: suitable for office buildings, shops, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions, to maximize the guarantee of walking and transportation of goods unimpeded.

2. reliability: can cooperate with the import and export control, special time control and other operating system, can eliminate your unattended security concerns.

3. safety: when the door is closed for the fan, if encounter obstacles or abnormal conditions such as human body, the door leaf can be immediately returned to prevent the occurrence of clamping reversal, events or mechanical damage phenomenon, to ensure staff safety.

4. Intelligence: microcomputer will record the position of the previous obstacles, the door closed in the process, close to obstacles, can slow detection in advance, to ensure safety.

5. energy saving: high quality design and production to ensure the flow of unimpeded, at the same time, excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof effect to ensure that the building to reduce energy consumption.

6. Aesthetics: according to your requirements, the door shape, appearance, function design adjustment, in order to achieve the best results.

7. convenience functions allow you to choose according to normally open, automatic, one-way traffic and lock state; key parameter adjustment way, so you can according to the specific circumstances of the door body, conveniently set up and adjust the opening speed, closing speed, hold open time, keep the door body running smoothly.

8. quiet: the use of special lubrication measures, special deceleration mechanism; professional design of the spreader roller structure, greatly reducing the noise.

Conform to the new trend of modern science and technology, user oriented, convenient operation, overall careful planning, configuration of a number of intelligent and protective devices. The control system of the automatic door adopts the built-in microcomputer chip. After programming, it can automatically set the control process. The user can choose the ideal opening and closing speed and opening time, and the automatic door can keep the best state. The degree of intelligence is greatly improved.
With the safety sensor, it eliminates the hidden trouble of people. Even if someone pushes the sliding door fan, it will not appear the disorder of the program. The unique lock function, can according to the needs of control staff. Besides, the power supply can be used to make the automatic door continue to operate and keep in the set state when the external power supply is cut off, so as to ensure the safety of the personnel.
Professional mechanical transmission design, especially the preparation of high efficiency brushless DC motor, with long service life, high torque, low noise characteristics, equipped with advanced toothed synchronous belt drive, door running more stable and reliable. Advanced power circuit design, can ensure stable and reliable operation under wide voltage range.
Environmental protection
In order to maintain the quiet state of the whole environment, the new concept design of the power beam structure, with the use of new materials, will not cause resonance conduction, so the door leaf running more light, the noise is slightly.
Energy saving
Semi open special functions, according to how many people out of the door, automatic setting appropriate opening, so that the air flow is reduced to the lowest level; and can completely close the door body, keep closed state, in combination with the air conditioning and the external environment, save the two seasons of winter and summer cooling and heating costs, keep constant temperature and humidity.
With double door interlock, it can reduce the amount of indoor clean air, prevent cross contamination, meet the sealing requirements, and has good sound insulation effect.
Open sensitive, closed in time, quick conversion, flow into and out of hands, labor-saving, light. Loading and unloading is simple and quick.

Automatic door unit problem solving

    ⒈The door switch will bounce when it switches
Possible causes:
(1) there is a foreign body stuck in the upper and lower orbits.
(2) the wheel of the hanging wheel is embedded with foreign objects.

    ⒉The door switch is too slow
Possible causes:
(1) speed adjustment of controller is too slow.
(2) the belt may be too loose.
(3) abnormal voltage.
(4) the movable door leaf may be friction with the guide rail or the fixed door leaf or friction with the floor.
(5) the friction between the stopping wheel and the track.

     ⒊A collision occurs when the door is closed
Possible causes:
(1) too fast.
(2) abnormal voltage.
(3) motor generator parts may be damaged.

     ⒋The door can not be started
Possible causes:
(1) sensor fault, check the induction lamp number is normal.
(2) loose joint (short circuit or open circuit) of wire joint.
(3) belt shedding.
(4) the motor may overheat and return to normal after cooling.
(5) the controller is burnt out.
(6) foreign body stuck.
(7) abnormal voltage.

     ⒌The door opens and closes automatically
Possible causes:
(1) sensor failure.
(2) the moving object is in the sensing range.
(3) the switch of the door meets the obstacle.

     ⒍Door vibration
Possible causes:
(1) the obstacles or wear of the underground rail or the stopper.
(2) the mobile crane swing and track worn or obstacles.

      ⒎Matters needing attention

(1) the automatic door track and the lifting wheel can not be oiled; otherwise, the roller on the hanger has a sliding phenomenon, causing the door to collide.
(2) turn off the power supply without using it for a long time.
(3) abnormal occurrence, please don't disassemble and disassemble, please and professional personnel