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The badminton court badminton hall LED special lamp lighting professional badminton basketball hall lighting lamp

Fashionable and fresh air duct design, good heat dissipation, can guarantee the service life of the light source

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The stadium LED lighting solutions

For the basketball hall, general badminton hall

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The level of illumination in general vertical illumination should be greater than 1/2, when the vertical illuminance is equal to the level of illumination, ideal movement environment. Badminton court illuminationNational standardThe following table:



Fengshun lighting LED lamps with high brightness LED lamp imported chip efficiency is as high as 120lm/W can directly replace the high color metal halide lamps and other traditional lighting products for badminton, table tennis, billiards and other sports venues and other venues to provide adequate and uniform illumination. In order to provide a better quality of white LED lighting for spectators to enjoy the game.

High power LED lamp with high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection and energy saving rate of more than 70%. The optical module design and integration of professional LED lighting using this unique and innovative anti glare can make effective light irradiation so as to enhance the brightness of the scene in court more than to see the ball player. Fengshun lamp light effect high high color index using instant start, no flicker, no glare with wide working voltage range with overvoltage, undervoltage protection function, safe and reliable long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

Design concept: with the increasing development of LED lamps, LED lamps are rapidly entering the line of sight of people, such as LED lighting equipment, more and more attention to the indoor stadium, LED lamps also have wide attention, the scheme for the application of LED lighting in the standard indoor badminton courts.

indoor badminton court

The staff of indoor badminton courts, indoor badminton court fee units, stadiums, training or competition venues.

The indoor badminton court size data: (built 4 standard badminton court)

The whole stadium size: length: 34 meters wide, 18 meters high, 9 meters

Stadium Venue: length: 13.4 meters wide, 6.1 meters

4 badminton courts are distributed side by side(arrangement more)

The design of 20 FS-LG0352-150W

Different requirements, the number and power of each row of lamps used in different locations and the same way, for reference only


3D renderings:

Pseudo color map:

Illumination map:


Basketball Gym

Worker activity center unit, charging stadiums, training or competition venues.

The indoor basketball court size data:

The whole stadium size: length: 36 meters wide, 22 meters high, 9 meters

Stadium Venue: length: 28 meters wide, 15 meters

The design of 24 FS-LG0352-150W

Different requirements, the number and power of each row of lamps used in different locations and the same way, for reference only



3D renderings

Pseudo color map

Illuminance values


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