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Three phase machine transformer 3 item 220V change 380V660V3000VA dry power supply 380V turn 690V3KW

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Product overview

A transformer is a static electrical equipment that converts the voltage or current between two or more windings at the same frequency with the aid of electromagnetic induction.

SG, SBK type three-phase dry-type transformer, transformer core and winding constitute the body, are not immersed in insulating liquid medium (transformer oil), but direct contact with the air, the use of air convection heat dissipation.

The brief introduction of structure

1, the three column iron core, core materials for cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, magnetic flux density is more than 12000 Gauss

2, winding according to the capacity of the use of SBECR double glass wire wrapped flat copper wire; QZ high strength enameled wire,

Or copper bar.

3, insulation grade: B class

The normal conditions of use

The transformer can work reliably under the following conditions;

1, the altitude is not more than 2500m

2. Temperature of surrounding medium:

When the minimum temperature is not lower than - 25 DEG c,

When the highest air temperature is not higher than +40 DEG C

When the relative humidity of the air; the wet month average maximum temperature of not more than 95%; at the same time this month the monthly average minimum temperature is +25 DEG C

This current voltage waveform similar to sine wave

Does not affected by the rain and snow erosion places

I have no significant shock and vibration place

There is no explosion danger in the medium, and medium gas without sufficient corrosion and damage to the insulation and conductive dust

◆ Precautions for use

 1. Determine the reasonable capacity of transformer

First of all, it is necessary to investigate the power supply voltage, the actual power load of the user and the conditions in the place, and then select the technical data of the nameplate of the transformer one by one. In general, transformer capacity, voltage, current and environmental conditions should be considered comprehensively. The capacity selection should be based on the capacity, nature and use time of the power equipment to determine the required amount of load, in order to select the capacity of the transformer.

In normal operation, the power load of the transformer should be about 75 - 90% of the rated capacity of the transformer

2, long-term overload operation can not be carried out

Overload operation refers to exceed the current nameplate specified value during the operation of the transformer, the transformer overload operation temperature, the insulation aging, reduce the service life, so do not allow the transformer overload operation; under special circumstances, the transformer short time overload operation, allowing the time table


3, no damp

All electrical products fall off after wetting, leakage current increases, and even can not be used properly. SG, SBK, ZSG three phase transformer for indoor use transformer, not allowed to be placed outside, after

Water, rain, wind and snow erosion, transformer with damp should be dried

4, in order to ensure the normal operation of the transformer, the following test should be carried out frequently

     (1) temperature test: the running condition of the transformer is not normal, the temperature is very important

     (2) load test: in order to improve the utilization rate of transformer, reduce the loss of power, to prevent overload operation, in operation, we must determine the transformer real bearing capacity determination time was determined directly by the clamp meter. The current value should be 75 to 90% of the rated current of the transformer, and the overload should be adjusted immediately when exceeding the rated value

     (3) voltage measurement: the voltage variation of the transformer should be within the rated voltage of less than 5%. If this range is exceeded, tap adjustment should be adopted to make the voltage reach the specified range. The secondary voltage is measured by Voltmeter separately

     (4) insulation resistance measurement: in order to make the transformer always in normal operation state, insulation resistance must be measured to prevent insulation damp and accidents. The insulation of the transformer should be measured under the condition of power failure. The insulation should be measured by the ohmmeter, and the value of the measured resistance should not be lower than the measured value

The basic parameters

1, suitable for 50Hz voltage below 1000V circuit

2. Rated work system: short term work system and long term working system

3, the main capacity of the table below

4. The combination of rated power supply voltage and rated output voltage should be selected first

Question answer

Q: do you have stock?

Answer: because individual need parameter is different, transformer all does not have stock.

Q: is it possible to order?

Answer: yes. Custom made is limited to capacity and voltage, shape and size are not accepted.

Q: how long is the custom-made cycle?

Answer: according to the quantity and capacity size, one or two units and capacity is not big, the order before 3 o'clock the next day delivery.

Question: after sale and return problem?

Answer: the company's products are guaranteed for one year; because the transformer is based on the needs of custom-made, so the quality of non product itself does not accept returned goods.

Before you order, you must make sure the voltage is enough.

Single phase transformer capacity = equipment power /0.8 (such as 2000W equipment: 2000/0.8=2500 is 2500VA transformer)

Three phase transformer capacity = equipment power *1.732 (such as 1000W equipment: 1000*1.732=1732 is 1800VA transformer)



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More than 3. freight is for reference only, the specific cost please contact customer service.

4., thank you for your customers, if there is a shortage, please correct me, anything can communicate and negotiate, I wish you business is booming, win-win cooperation

Because the product is constantly updated and upgraded! The transformer parameters and pictures are for reference only, and the company reserves the final solution

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