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Single arm single arm liquid crystal 5000 display electronic tension test machine tension tester

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1. Main uses:

     This series tensile testing machine is suitable for tensile tests of rubber, plastic, textile, waterproof materials, wire and cable, wire rope, wire, metal bar, metal plate and other materials, and additional accessories can be done for compression and bending test. With the test force digital display, the test speed is continuously adjustable, the sample is broken automatically and the peak is kept.
Functions and characteristics:
1, adopt the high precision, all digital speed control system and precision reducer to drive the precision screw pair to carry out the test, achieve the wide range adjustment of the test speed, and the test process is low noise and smooth operation.
2, the universal joint adopts the cross pin structure, and has the function of swing angle restriction. On the one hand, it is easy to clamp the sample and ensure the concentricity of the test, on the other hand, it eliminates the influence of irregular sample on the sensor very well.
3, touch key operation mode, LCD display in real time. The display interface can display the interface of the test method, the selection interface of the test parameters, the test operation and the result display interface and the curve display interface, which is convenient and quick.
4. The cross beam can be adjusted quickly and slowly when the sample is clamped, and it has over current, overvoltage and overload protection devices.
5, the microcomputer interface is selected, and the control of the test process and the storage and printing of the data can be realized by the external microcomputer.
Two. The main technical indicators:
1、 最大试验力:10 20 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000N ;
2、 量 程: 1%--10 20 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000N;
3、 试验力准确度;优于±1%
4、 位移分辨率:0.01mm;
5、 位移测量准确度:优于±1%;
6、 拉伸行程:600mm或1000mm(可选)
7、 压缩行程:600mm或1000mm(可选)
8、 试验行程:600mm或1000mm(可选)

9、 位移速度控制范围:1mm/min~500mm/min (普通配置)

10. The precision of displacement speed control: superior to 1%

11. Test machine level: superior to level 1
12, deformation error: less than (50+0.15L)
13、试验机尺寸:530*266*1450或1810 mm
14, appearance: meet the requirements of GB/T2611
15, complete set: meet the standard requirements
16, protection function: test machine has overload protection function
17. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
18, weight: 100KG