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Automatic small beads machine NC lathe double knife mini home beads Wenwan log bead beads machine CNC

The freight is set up by the system, and the actual freight line is connected with the customer service hotline: 13785776778

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freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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本厂专业生产单刀数控佛珠机,双刀数控佛珠机,半自动佛珠机, 双刀四轴数控佛珠机, All kinds of beads machine accessories, processing diameter of 130mm and 160mm, for customer choice, the processing length is 270mm. 可先付订金验货后付余款!实体厂家直销,拒绝中介厂价直销, 本厂专业从事数控系统研发,品质保证,傻瓜式操作系统 无需专业数控基础就可以操作,欢迎来厂参观 实地考察.热线;13785776778. 运费联系客服,所设运费为系统设置而设定。
Package 1: Twin cutter NC machine NC beads a bare metal, a box of three knives, beads (cork knife, hardwood knife, hole knife), a data line, a power line, drill, wrench, with operating software and video tutorials, wooden packaging, 13785776778 hotline.
  Package 2: Twin cutter NC beads machine a bare metal, a computer, a digital control box, beads three knives (cork knife, hardwood knife, hole knife), a data line, a power line, drill, wrench, with operating software and video tutorials, wooden packaging, 13785776778 hotline.
  套餐3:双刀数控佛珠机裸机一台,台锯一台,全自动抛光机一台, 打孔机一台,笔记本电脑一台,数控箱一个,佛珠刀三把(软木刀,硬木刀,内孔刀),数据线一根,电源线一根,钻头,扳手,操作软件及视频教程,木箱包装,热线;13785776778。
Logistics and freight
一;本店商品运费到付,支持货到付款,先收取定金,后发货,尾款物流代收,部分地区物流没有办法代收货款,货到后买家验货,商品没有破损,买家将尾款打给公司财务, 公司通知物流公司放货,感谢买家予以合作。
Two; logistics, industrial logistics line such as can not reach the contact customer service, goods damaged do not sign. Timely contact the seller from the new delivery, such as the buyer has not checked the goods privately, the buyer is full of responsibility, the seller will not be re shipped.
Three; because of the various regions of the country, the freight is different, this product is the default mode of transport for freight, freight, cargo freight customers need to mention! According to the customers to buy the size of the equipment and the road distance, and logistics consultation, unable to estimate the specific cost, please contact our online customer service. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, thank you for your cooperation. Because of the shipment, the customer must check the goods before receiving the goods. If you are damaged, please contact our customer service in time. Hotline; 13785776778
Purchase notice
A CNC machine belongs to the beads; weights must be made or an Debon logistics, customers need to go to outlets from mentioning the goods, such as logistics can not reach the above before the film contact customer service, shipping label is not only the actual freight system needs to be marked, before making contact with the customer service freight modification is zero, to pay the freight.
Two; sign the problem
When signing the receipt, we must open the package carefully and check it, sign and sign without damage, do not check the customers who sign the bill directly. All the problems that appear after signing the bill are all for the customers. Because the products sold by this shop are not different from the clothing products, they will not be returned after the sale.
Three; free warranty for one year (except consumables) this shop is the manufacturer's direct sales, with this professional and technical personnel, new and old customers can be assured to buy.