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Factory direct selling LED cold storage lamp 10W special explosion-proof lighting lamp, waterproof lampshade, cold storage special lamp

LED cold storage special lamp input voltage; AC220V/50HZ. Amount of 48. Size, length 190mm, width 8.5mm, height 70mm, two hole distance 175mm. Power consumption; 8W. Luminous angle; 120°. Color temperature; 6000K-6500K. Luminous flux; 800LM. Protection level; IP65. The use of filco; 3 meters below the 20 flat following cold storage

discount 70% in 2018-10-14 to 2018-10-16
price: USD$ 157.50
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Reasons for choosing our lights

Super strong resistance to low temperature

In the cold Arctic environment, high-end integrated LED company research and development of the power supply, -45 degrees Celsius temperature instant light, super low temperature resistance, greatly enhance the service life of the lamp.

Super waterproof

Waterproof grade IP65, lighting the use of imported high performance silicone seal, super waterproof, avoid the ordinary lamp because of the waterproof effect caused by poor lamp aging line short circuit, and so on, but also to avoid the fire caused by short circuit may.

Integrated design, high efficiency light transmission

The integral suction ceiling design, beautiful, intensive space, with lens design of high transmittance lampshade, 120 degrees light emitting, high brightness, more beautiful.

Perfect replacement of traditional lamps

Light passing rate can reach 1000lm, perfect replace traditional lamp 100W incandescent lamp or 36W energy-saving lamp

The factory sells cold storage fittings directlyReceipt or invoice can be opened

All three defense LEDSpecial lamp for cold storage Waterproof, cold proof and moistureproof

Stylish and elegant appearance, the use of patented technology, the use of mission length

The use of time >10000h, a day only 0.19 degrees of electricity, light is not bright, I am not the final say

Refrigerator lamps and Lampshades for one, no need to purchase another shade, convenient installation

The warranty time for two years, have any questions on approval of new

LED cold storage lamp use parameter

input voltage





Length 190mm, width 8.3mm, height 70mm

Two hole distance


Power waste


Luminous angle


Color temperature


Protection grade


The use of Library

Less than 4 meters, use 20 meters below the cold storage

Cold storage lamp is mainly used in cold storage, cold storage, freezer and other environmental temperature is relatively low, relatively humid, and the need for electricity safety and environmental protection sites. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, compared to the traditional lamps with long life, anti freezing, safety, environmental protection and other advantages, become the new favorite of the cold storage lamp.

Our company for the cold storage system design of a highly efficient and beautifulLED lightingProduct.45 degrees below zero can be instantaneous start, it is widely used for fresh keeping, cold storage and other cold storage strong guarantee. The lamp adopts refractory material, and waterproof, moistureproof design, very suitable for low temperature and humid environment;

The lamp body is the overall structure of the appearance of heat but also can effectively put the lamp working temperature drop point; high quality materials, advanced circuit design makes this product has the characteristics of insulation, flame retardant, impact resistant, strong corrosion proof etc.,This product has been continuously working for 24 hours in cold storage. Simple styling andReasonable priceIt is very suitable for large area use of cold storage. 


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