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WK-36 type Pu intelligent temperature control switch, thermostat, floor heating, heating boiler, water pump, temperature controller, breeding equipment

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Four, temperature control mode settingsUnder the condition of temperature display,Press the [] [] and the addend key does not let go at more than 5 secondsThat is, in work mode conversion, display "P_" [] by flashing, addend key or [] button to adjust the meiosis between P1-P2-P3-P4, according to the following table adjusted to fit your work mode, and then press [set] button to return to the temperature measuring state can be. (factory default is set to P3 mode state)



* Note: the measured value of the control relation refers to the integer value of the measured temperature, and does not contain small digits (the setting value is only the whole digit).

Five, operation settings

1 set the upper and lower temperatureIn the temperature display state, according to the "Settings" button, display H after entering the upper temperature limit setting, temperature display flashes, according to [] or [] at addend adjust the limit temperature value, then press [set] button, display L after entering the lower limit temperature setting, lower temperature display flicker also, according to [] or [] at addend adjustment lower temperature, set up after, again by the "Settings" button to return to the temperature measuring state. Note: if the temperature control mode of P3, P4, in the setting of the lower limit of the temperature data can be regardless of the order and magnitude, the system will automatically take larger values as the upper limit, lower limit value as the value of the small. If you choose the temperature control mode P1, P2 case, display - only set a temperature value can be.
2 automatically quit the set stateIn the process of setting: if the data, not the normal operation to exit the setting in the middle, if 30 seconds without pressing any key, the system will automatically exit the setting state and return temperature measurement. At the same time, this set of operation data automatically saved.

Six, output delayOutput port: adding about 2 seconds assessment of the delay, if in 2 seconds to measure each time the results are in line with the output port of the movement, the output port will really implement the action, otherwise it will not execute. The purpose is to avoid lightning small induction, large equipment start and stop, and other fluctuations interfere with the output port misoperation.
Security measures: if the fault sensor open circuit fault, the display will immediately appear "HHH", if there is a short-circuit sensor and display lead, will immediately appear "LLL". In order to prevent the adverse consequences of the sensor, open or short circuit may cause and control output port priority will shut down.

Seven, others

1. temperature control switch, using the site should not be corrosive gas; sensor can not exceed 125 DEG C in corrosion and work environment, so as to avoid damage to lead, not any longer sensor wire (standard 8 meters, a maximum of not more than 10 meters), otherwise it will increase the temperature measurement error.
2. if there is a need for the sensor in the slightly corrosive gas or liquid use, should be replaced by a plurality of sensors for regular replacement. Meanwhile, the status of sensors should be checked regularly. The temperature sensor using R (25 C) =10K, B (25/85) =3435K thermistor temperature sensor, the temperature sensor must be replaced by the user to ensure the same parameters.
3. some cases control requirements 380 volt AC power Xiangsan, at this time, the temperature control switch and an AC contactor combination is installed in the pressure control cabinet in use. (notice that there must be zero line in the control cabinet, and a professional electrician is required to install the wiring. The wiring method is illustrated in the wiring diagram of the instruction).
4. temperature control switch is damaged during use, such as the Department of manufacturing quality due to poor customer service, 2 year warranty; if use for unpacking, wiring errors or improper use, the company responsible for product maintenance, but need to charge a fee to users with maintenance cost.
5. product packaging: color carton packaging, temperature control switch (attached sensor) 1, the use of 1 copies of instructions.