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Six eyes of embedded electric ceramic stove stone pot braised chicken rice long commercial induction cooker 60 tin powder Noodle Casserole

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Model specification: HT189-96

Product attributes: six electric pottery

Rated power: 1600W/ head

Redness diameter: 170mm

Size: 800*540*75MM

Opening dimension: 775*525MM

1, 1600W*6 firepower is strong;

2, imported black crystal board, panel size: 800x540mm;

3, metal bottom shell, ultra long 24 hours appointment, timing open, shutdown;

4, touch digital display, operation at a glance;

5, each furnace head power 200-1600W adjustable, more adjustable temperature;

6, far infrared technology, the common power of 9600W,


Precautions for use:

1. let the workers use ceramic pot to handle, don't force to put or fall, commercial originally time is long, over time, sure that the panel is easy to crack

2. water overflow, try to dry, because the water with the panel of high temperature contact, although it is not easy to crack panels, but a long time is certainly easy to crack, and the panel is dirty, difficult to clean


3. after use, let the machine continue to heat, the fan automatically stops, do not directly switch off the air switch or power


Installation requirements:

It is suggested that qualified electricians should be installed, and they must know how to connect high power appliances.




Advantages of choosing electric ceramic furnace:

Advantage: a pot, retain the electromagnetic oven is convenient to use, the advantages of beautiful shape, to make up for the defects of the electromagnetic oven can only be used with the iron pot, can use glass, ceramic pot, casserole 80%, used to expand the scope of the pan all out, called never pick the pot stove.

Advantages of two, with advanced glass ceramic panel, the panel can withstand 850 degrees of high temperature, not easy to burn rupture, do not change color, the panel bright mirror, easy to clean, environmental protection.

Three, there is no advantage of high frequency electromagnetic wave radiation, with health care heating, electric ceramic stove in 8 mu -20 to 87% mu, the conversion rate of more than 70% infrared radiation, infrared energy per square 765.W., long-term use can play care and physiotherapy, especially can effectively activate human cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate the The new supersedes the old.. Enhance immunity, has antibacterial deodorant \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ dehumidification health care anti fatigue anti-aging effect. \

Four, the advantages of good function, make the food taste good, thermal design, thermal power strong from weak to strong, uniform, ensure food fragrance and taste. And it \ \ is designed for furnace safety design, equipped with intelligent \ overheating protection device can automatically shut down according to time, even if you never forget to turn off the power supply after. No worries.

Five, has the advantages of fast heating, high temperatures can reach 700 degrees, controlled by multi segment accurate strength power, rapid cooking, and energy saving. \ \ \ \ concentrated heat source

Six, the advantages of microcomputer control, high voltage \ \ absolutely separate, anti overheating protection, leak proof and waterproof safety. \ \ \ \

Advantages of seven, no open flame, no carbon monoxide, cooking can be seen halogen light, so that users can easily identify whether the stove work properly

Eight, has the advantages of fast heating, it is the perfect combination of technology and computer control technology of diamond microcrystalline surface amplification principle, amplifying each heat, amplifying electricity each value, enlarge every kind of food flavor, it is equivalent to the gas fire two times. The difference with the other stove, oven is not a red light the ordinary stove, it is modern science and technology, using the latest diamond microcrystalline technology is energy saving, applicable to any pot (except plastic pot) it will do everything, no radiation on the human body, it is a hundred percent safe stove. The elderly, pregnant women and children can use!

The advantages of the nine economy applicable for winter heating boiler fire, do not have to buy the stove heater electric heater \ \ \ \ ", a multi-purpose furnace"