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Zhejiang Pudong instrument xmt-122pt100cu50 digital temperature display regulator controller

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Product type: XMT-121E,K,S, XMT-122Cu50,Pt100 

XMT-121Type EControl limit 0-399 C on the upper limit alarm relay output.

XMT-121K type 0-400℃ ;  0-800 ℃;0-1100 ℃;0-1300℃On the lower limit, the upper limit alarm relay output.

XMT-121 S0-1600 ℃On the lower limit, the upper limit alarm relay output.

XMT-122Cu50  -50-150 ℃On the lower limit, the upper limit alarm relay output.

XMT-122Pt100 0-400℃  -50--150℃ On the lower limit, the upper limit alarm relay output.

Corresponding to the above indexing number, type, temperature, (appearance is invisible)

              When photographed, please specify: temperature, type, purchase error, freight pay back and forth

The table is on the lower limit of the principle:
The actual temperature is lower than the upper and lower two groups often open, close the actual temperature limit between the upper and lower limits, is higher than the upper limit, closed limit

One, overview
XMT* series digital instrument for three bit or four bit digital tube display, and the application of unique anti-jamming technology, with high precision, good reliability, strong shock resistance, convenient installation, and there are two type, three type, limit load, time ratio, silicon controlled continuous adjusting type, type, PID PID continuous adjustment of various control methods, according to the need can also increase the over temperature warning function, can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, machinery, textile, plastics, refrigeration, medical, electric oven and other light and heavy industries used for temperature measurement and automatic control. Display and control with the corresponding sensor can also be used for parameters of pressure, flow and level.


1, display method:Four digital tube display

2, display error: = 1.0%FS + 1 words
3, the set point deviation is less than 1.0%FS
4, compensation for thermocouple cold end: 0 ~ 50 degrees within the error of less than 2 degrees Celsius
5, adjust the proportion of time: the proportion of 1% to 3% cycles: 30S + 10S
6, output contact capacity: AC 220V3A (resistive load)
7, power supply: 90VAC242VAC, 50HZ/60HZ
8, the power consumption is less than 3W
9, the working environment temperature: 0 ~ 50 DEG C, non corrosive gas relative humidity less than 85%RH
10. dimensions: 160X80X130
11. hole: 156X72

 Input signal: E, K, S, Cu50, Pt100 (purchase specify)
Range: -99.9 to 1600 DEG C

Two, installation and wiring
1, installation: instrument installation just press the screen installed in the table type hole size open a hole, put the instrument into the hole, the mounting plate is attached to the instrument were loaded vertically or horizontally installed, then tighten the mounting screws. Note that screws can not spin too tight, so as to avoid damage.
2, according to the corresponding types of instrument wiring wiring, the output current of the instrument is high, the total two terminals, the "high" is positive, the "total" is negative.