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Imported Panasonic touch switch 6*6*4.3 straight in, 2 pin white round button reset, inching movement

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 0.07
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:125
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Single order full99Yuan,Free shippingExcluding Tibet, Xinjiang, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas

128 yuan nationwide parcel post

Shantou Peng Teng electronic firm

Specializing in all kinds of imported and domestic tact switch, microswitch button switchThe detection switch toggle switch, rocker switch toggle switch dial switch etc.

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Need to know before purchase:

1:Because of the large number of models, can not upload in time, please need customers through wangwang,
Tel: 0754-84472371 mobile phone 13414081823, we will reply you in the first time

Because of special commodity prices with the market changes not updated in a timely manner to take friends to bring unnecessary trouble, so please check before buying goods and the owner of the price and quantity. If you order more, we price increases as the amount change and prices are more favorable, consultation shall prevail...

About delivery:

Under normal circumstances, the goods taken before 15:00 p.m., we will arrange the same day,In case of shortage or other special conditionsWe'll contact you for the first timeAfter 15:00OrdersIt depends on the day

Transport instructions:

1:The default express is our storeShen Tong / Yuantong TongexpressIf neededFor other express, please note or contact us

2:Provincial freight generally express for 8 yuan, outside the province is 10 yuan -20 yuan, depending on the specific province. If you need SF express or EMS, please do not pay after shooting, contact us to amend the good luck fee and then pay!

3:Orders in the province are generalThe second dayCan receive goods, orders outside the province Yuantong or Shen Tong general 2-5 days,SF usually 1-3 daysEMS3-10 speed is relatively slow, we do not recommend hair, can not do nothing outside

4:Express delivery time is generally around 6 p.m., (all express only one day express delivery, small places can not) aboutSend a special urgent piece, we can only around 6 issuedIf you can't wait, please find another place,We do not take urgent!!!

1 all express usually have
Scan input delayPhenomena and causesStation distanceFar away, on the day of the general 5-6. Parts are displayed in the 9-10, please don't misunderstand that the point is 9-10.

2Freight in our storeAccording to the courier company charging standards, we alsoWill not earn Amoy friend freightPlease, don't bargain with us.

3We can't control the speed of express companies!!Please put yourself in mind and change it for you. Can you control it? If the speed is slow, please be more considerate, we also have no way! If necessary, please contact with us, be sure to urge!

Evaluation: we cherish every praise, if you are not satisfied, please communicate with us, I believe any reasonable questions can be resolved quickly for you. Without any communication, hastily giving medium and poor assessment, can not solve any problem. We accept the criticism with an open mind, and there will be such mistakes in our work, and we are willing to take responsibility for it. There's a problem, one more calm and honest with each other, and try to think about each other, and believe that any problem will be solved. We welcome such pertinent and tolerant customers, and believe that we can become good friends. Not welcome individual pride, does not respect the labor of others as well as individual buyers, buyers in order to achieve their purpose, to the seller and malicious attacks on the threat of negative feedback, we will insist on the principle of complaints in the end.

A shop reputation hard won, what problems please contact us, to solve together!

Replacement Description: all the goods in this store have quality, guarantee, tin quality problems can be returned!

Postage note: if you need to provide return service, postage is mailed, we are responsible, but only for quality problems!

Customer evaluation: we will cherish every customer's praise, there are unsatisfactory places, please make us know, help us to improve!

Thank you for your comments. Thank you very much!



On the same day, we will send you the first day of payment, and we will inform you the first time!
(express silent Shen Tong, to send EMS, please choose EMS; need to send other express, please contact us. SF is all freight to pay




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Telephone: 0754-84472371


No Alipay friends, shop support bank remittance service!

Agricultural Bank622848012068540551 Ke Zipeng

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China622202200300853490 Ke


Be careful:Please contact the store after the money, we will doWe'll arrange the delivery for you!

The following information should be provided after the payment is made:

1: name of remittance bank and remittance person

2: provide delivery address and contact number

3: provide the amount of remittance and the required goods and quantity