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Large refrigerator temperature controller, digital display thermostat, cold storage microcomputer controller, double probe with defrosting function

Large refrigerator temperature controller, digital display thermostat, cold storage microcomputer controller, double probe with defrosting function

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XMK-7 refrigerator temperature controller is based on single-chip microcomputer controller as the core, its basic functions are: 1, the controlled object temperature measurement and display control, resolution 0.1 C 2, the lower the temperature, temperature setting and refrigeration compressor, stop 3, freezing time, defrosting time setting and full cream automatic control protection 4, defrosting temperature setting and termination of cream over temperature 5, freezing temperature and Frost temperature and freezing time

XMK-7 type cold storage temperature controller is a microcomputer controller based on single chip microcomputer:

1, the temperature measurement and display of the controlled object, the resolution is 0.1 degrees centigrade

2. The setting of temperature lower limit, temperature difference and the control of the start and stop of refrigeration compressor 3, the setting of freezing time, defrosting time and the automatic control of defrosting

4. Setting of defrosting termination temperature and protection of defrosting temperature

5. Real time display of freezing temperature, defrosting temperature, freezing time and defrosting time

6. Manual forced defrosting and forced defrosting finish

7, compressor downtime three minutes delay protection

8, temperature throughout the sensor fault display

9, after frost delay 5 minutes!

10, temperature correction: -9.9~+9.9 C

First, function and operation:

1, temperature and time display

(1) electricity temperature display: controller power on display: "-", about 3 seconds after the display temperature measurement sensor of refrigeration duty, "freezing" indicator light.

(2): if the current display display conversion refrigeration temperature measurement sensor values, the freezing temperature indicator lights, press "*" button, display conversion for temperature measurement of defrosting sensor value, defrost temperature indicator light, again according to the "-" key, the display for time display show, freezing time during freezing stage (0.1 hours for the unit of measurement), "freeze time" indicator light, display the defrosting time in the defrosting stage (divided into units of measurement), defrost time indicator lights. Click the "-" key back to the refrigeration temperature display sensor.

2. Parameter setting:

(1), enter the set state: in order to prevent misoperation and avoid idle play, must even press "set" button to set the state three. The controller (2), enter the set state after the first show the lower limit value (lower limit set, blinking) according to "^" key or "print" key, set the lower limit value after the press "set" button to display the preset temperature value (difference set, blinking) setting method ibid. Then set the button to set the freezing time ("freezing time" set the lamp flashing), set the same method. According to the "set" button to set the defrosting time (defrost time setting, blinking) then press "set" button ("temple defrost end temperature defrost end temperature setting lights flashing), if the cold temperature and instrument temperature error, and then click" Settings "button to set the base temperature sensor correction (correction range display C00, -9.9 ~+9.9 DEG C), then press" set "button again to return to the lower limit of the set value.


(3), exit the setting: 15 seconds without pressing any key, the controller automatically exit the setting state, and automatically save the set value, the display is still display set before the content, if set off without delay after exit (shutdown), new settings will not be saved, the controller according to the original set value operation. (4) in order to change the settings, press the "" key "or" print "key, then set the value with the increase of hold time increases gradually increasing or decreasing speed.

Main instructions:

1, temperature measurement range: -50 (c) ~+50 (c)

2, setting range: lower limit temperature: -50 (temperature) ~+50 (temperature), temperature difference 1-19.0 (lower limit plus temperature difference can not be greater than 50 degrees Celsius). The freezing time was 0-99 hours, the defrosting time was 0-99 minutes, and the defrosting temperature was 0-50

3, temperature measurement accuracy, display rate: 0.1 (Celsius)

4, relay contact capacity: 240AC, 6A (resistance)

5, power supply: 220V, 50Hz, power consumption is less than 3W.

6, instrument panel size: 96*54mm (width * high) 7, opening size: 92.5*50.5 (mm) installation type: directly install the working voltage: 220 (V) sensor 5 meters! Third, for example: set a cold storage requirements -18.1 C -15.3 C boot, shutdown, every 8 hours defrosting defrosting time, every 15 minutes, stop the defrosting temperature of 5.0 DEG C when the fin. Enter the set state should be as follows: the lower limit is set to a temperature of -18.1 DEG C, the preset temperature (2.8 DEG C temperature -15.3 boot automatically calculated by the registration table), freezing time is set to 8 hours, the defrosting time is set to 15 minutes, defrost end temperature is set to 5 DEG C. Additional Description: sensor open circuit display temperature is less than -50 degrees, the display shows "PP"". The sensor circuit or display temperature greater than 50 DEG C, the display shows "FF" when the faults happen, the instrument into the start and stop of the automatic protection, namely: the refrigerator running 10 minutes, then 20 minutes so stop automatic cycle, ensure the refrigerator food thawing to the maximum extent to protect the interests of users. It is recommended that the users timely repair the above faults so as to ensure the normal use of the instrument.