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1500W adjustable switching power supply 0-12V0-150-24V0-48V0-50V AC DC transformer

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price: USD$ 840.00
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  • Outline size298mm*150mm*115mm
  • Digital display with voltage and current

Input voltage:AC180V~264Vfrequency:50HZ±10%

Output voltage regulator:DC 0-15 V

Output steady flow value: 100 A

Efficiency       >85%

Power factor of the power factor   >0.85

Load adjustment rate <1%

Voltage regulation rate <0.1%

Ripple voltage   <1%

Protect:Input overvoltage,Undervoltage:Output overvoltage,Flow,short circuit:Overheating of the whole machine

Overheating protection threshold of the whole machine80~850C

Insulation resistance       ≥20M

The input of the housing pressure is greater than or equal to AC1500V

The input to output voltage is more than AC1500V

The output of a voltage greater than AC500V

The average time to failure is more than 50000H

Can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications of power supply 

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