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Fishing forgemaster 12+1 explosion proof magnetic brake line of left and right hand road Yalun road and pole raft water wheel wheel

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1 、 stainless steel bearing / stainless steel one-way bearing configuration. 2. Instantaneous backstop system.

3, high speed ratio 6.3:1. 4. Adjustable magnetic brake system.
5, easy to disassemble the left cover. 6 、 easy to operate clutch keys.
7 、 high strength gear material
8, feel comfortable balance handle.



Instructions for the use of water wheel:

Common components

Commonly used component names:1Star plateRegulating the unloading force of the rocking line)2Spindle adjustment screwThe screw is adjacent to the star plate to regulate the smoothness of the outgoing line

Outlet buttonWhen pressed, the reel can qualify, shake the handle can be reset)4Magnetic control knobBe marked with0-10Braking force

Adjustment method

Adjustment methodTaking magnetic brake wheel as an example

First, adjust the magnetic knob to the scale10. Let wheels have greater braking force.

Lift rod45Degree and tone"Spindle adjusting screw"Let the bait slide quickly and smoothly. When the bait drops into the water, the bobbin continues to rotate, and only then can you get the throw distance.

The star plate is adjusted to a tension line.

Adjustment complete!

Throwing method

Special attention should be paid to the throwing of water wheel!First, the pseudo erbium is controlled at the tip of the rod10CMThe position, and then a sharp point4The position of the point is toward the point10Point the direction of the swing bait.

Pay attention to the point trajectory of the rod tip motion45678910. Just like golf swing.

Intensity:At the beginning, you can use moderate force. After practicing several times, you can use strong swing.

Technical Emphasis:After throwing the bait, your eyes begin to watch the decoy movement before the bait drops into the water10CM-20CMIn the distance, you must hold the line with the thumb wheel, the line wheel makes no rotation, no longer qualify, not fried.

Someone would ask:What happens if you don't rush the wheel??

If it is not urgent to hold the line wheel, Chaofen situation occurs, sometimes serious, sometimes only slightly fried dishes, as long as the hand pull40-50CMRight or left is easy to solve.

If you thumb control, the drip wheel is fun.

Matters needing attention

1For beginners, please use inexpensive nylon thread in practice to avoid unnecessary waste.

2And recommend the use of nylon line number2-3Number。

3Close behind, on time, with the method of fishing under the hook type, the fake bait, to reach the desired point above.

4For further distance, adjust according to the weight of the bait"Magnetic control knob"The smaller the brake force forward, and find the equilibrium point between the water wheel and Chaofen distance, the performance of your full play.

5It is not suitable to use heavy lead instead of heavy bait.Heavy lead is not good for seeing the moment before it falls

6It is recommended to use super hard rod in order to cast more distance!

7It is not recommended to throw with water drop wheel4Below the bait, though I can take it2Gram head hook+Small soft insect thrown to7-8Rice, but throwing light bait is always the advantage of spinning wheels.

8Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no perfect, hope more old hands out to talk about their own experience, let novice progress faster.

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