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50 12V * 2/1.8A, 21V0.2A, 5V0.5A dance computer sound power transformer W220V

discount 70% in 2018-07-23 to 2018-07-25
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 The products are mainly supply subwoofer, dance machine, computer speakers, audio, multimedia speakers, active speakers, automatic control circuit for outdoor lighting, automatic control circuit of advanced intelligent power 50W,The input voltage is 220V, red - red line 2,The output voltage is 12V * 2/1.8A, blue - black and blue 3 line, 2 line 21V0.2A, yellow 5V0.5A, yellow, green - green line 2. The core size of EI66 * 36, shape length * width * height: 103 x 60 x 59mm, 86 + 2mm mounting hole.Lead is 22AWG, 1015#,21V0.2A, 5V0.5ALead is 24AWG, 1007#,

The length is 150mm, such as the need to change can change.





This product can also be used in IC card punch machine, communication equipment, electrical electrical, fitness equipment, IT equipment, household electronic appliances, small appliances and lamps etc..

The packaging of the product: 36 / piece.

Due to changes in raw material prices, price is for reference only, please call or want to contact with.

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A friend, the buyer received after the baby, please check the packaging is intact, if damaged, it shall inform the courier, check the inside of the baby is damaged. If damaged, please refuse to sign, and contact the seller, to discuss how to deal with.

Two, buyers friends received after the baby, if not found when the packaging is damaged, please express face apart, view the model and you buy, if you buy is not the same, please do not sign, let the courier returned, and contact the seller, to discuss how to solve. If you buy, you can sign in the sign, measuring the baby (i.e. not no-load connect electric circuit or measurement) is normal, in the measurement of no-load normal, confirm well with the use of electrical appliances or circuit. Because some is to use the electric circuit or a problem, leading to a burned out power transformer, if not solve problems or electrical circuit, new power transformer connected will be damaged, please buyers friends carefully measured, distinguish the problem. If no measurement is connected with an electrical appliance or circuit, as confirmed baby intact, which because of improper use or damage of the damaged baby appliance seller shall not be liable for any urge, forgive me forgive. Thank You for Your Cooperation。


If you choose this shop to teach power transformer:

 1.Please check your original power transformer, above label input___V___AOr,___WOutput;___V___AOr,___WOr have multiple sets of output;___V___AOr,___WLead wire has a plurality of output voltage of the voltage corresponding to what is marked with what color.Buyers want to retain the original transformers, for reference in the replacement of the transformer, to ensure the correct wiring.Please buyers must see clearly the voltage each line, do not take the wrong line, especially do not collide when wiring line, do not cause a short circuit, because the lines are wrong or touch line short-circuit will damage the transformer, which can damage the use of electrical appliances.

 2.Then how many pieces of lead wire see power transformer, power transformer between us, and you see what the original power transformer is the same, is that you have to find the power transformer as the. You can also refer to the followingThe power transformer picture, look at the pictures in English letters, the corresponding dimensions in the tableLook, what, what the corresponding specifications.

3. We are factory,According to the buyers need to design and productionOptional input voltage220V/110V/380V(such asYou can also optionally custom), the output voltage from 6V/7.5V/9V/12V/15V/18V/20V/23V/24V/28V/36V,The output voltage can also optionally custom. The power is from 2W/3W/5W/6W/8W/9W/10W/12W/15W/20W/25W/30W/40W/48W/60W/70W, EI35, EI41 in size from EI28, EI48, EI57, EI66 various specifications are available, a large amount of price! Welcome to consult, negotiate business.

4.In principle, as long asVoltageThe same, large current or power transformer power can substitute in small current or small power transformer, on the contrary, a small power cannot substitute in a power transformer power on, it is easy to burn and burn out of power transformer, electric appliance, please friends must see clearly. For example, a person he can pick 100 pounds, if he only picked 80 pounds, he is relaxed; if he picked 100 pounds, he managed to stand up, if he pick 120 pounds, he will not stand before long, tired.

5.Power transformer with input and output wire,Note: the input pins are red, blue, black lead output,BrowngreenYellow and other colors,Should pay attention to the correctThe wrong wiring, wiring will damage the transformer, if not clearTheYou can ask the seller.LeadAbout 150mm, the size of the seller and lead according to actual needs,If the buyer has special requirements,Need to change please contact the seller. IfYou have a terminal transformer or socket, it is not easy, because it is difficult to find the same terminal or Jack, you can try to contact the seller, if any, if not, it is only the connection yourself.


Warranty: 7 days to return, one year replacement.

The shop has joined the consumer protection service of Taobao, please rest assured to buy.

Sales of all products, without damage, does not affect the re sale, 7 days on, one year replacement.

7Within days, if the products have any quality problems, we bear the cost, the wrong film or other reasons to return, the buyer must bear the return freight.

7The day after, we provide one year replacement service, warranty quality problems with bad change. Freight borne by the buyer.

Warranty time to Taobao records date.

Return note: Unfortunately, the power transformer you buy a quality problem, need to return, please contact customer service. Because the electronic products even after several tests, it will have very few in the transportation or other problems, please understand friends.

According to the address information provided by courier service, returned to us, please pay the express, because it is expensive to pay the express fee, we will make buyers back to back. And that in return in note: causes, the return of the Taobao ID, consignee name, telephone number, delivery address, to facilitate the processing of our time. Thank You for Your Cooperation!


There is not clear, can be read backPower transformer using common sense,You may also consult customer service. Thank you


Quality assurance: all our power transformers were manufactured before the quality testing, to determine the quality of no-load voltage indicators with the same label.So please buyers in the time of receipt, must be express, apart. If there is no damage to the appearance or function of sign, otherwise, please refuse to sign, let the courier back.


Shopping tips:

If they don't take in, direct payment can be commodity. A large amount of contact please contact the seller, logistics, world ARIMA and other logistics companies or freight company, and notify the store can modify the shipping costs.    

  The day before 14 payment transactions, buyers can be shipped the same day, friends do not specify the logistics company,Default delivery through courier, if not through courier to please contact the seller, to sendexcellentFastDeliveryAnd the daily express, rhyme express, lbex logistics.Need tact, Haotong, Huitong, Shen Tong, SF express please contact the seller, freight be change.

Guangdong Province, the first heavy 10 yuan /KG, each 1KG increase 1 yuan, fewer than 1KG is in accordance with the above calculation of 1KG, plus 1KG, please contact the store. The express fee is calculated on the weight, sometimes a more than 1KG, sometimes only a few less than 1KG, please refer to the above"The power transformer power chart and table size",Please contact the store

Unable to update the inventory, please contact the owner before the next goods inventory if a spot!

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Power transformer using common sense:

1Power transformer, nominal voltage and current is what mean?
    The nominal voltage of the power transformer usually refers to the open circuit output voltage, which is not connected with any load(no load)The voltage value. In general, ordinary power transformer no-load voltage is not necessarily real and nominal voltage is exactly the same, because the characteristics of electronic components may not be completely consistent, so to allow a certain degree of error, the civil situation is generally higher than the nominal voltage of about 0.6V-1V(if buyers need special, accurate voltage, please order)Because of this, the voltage of the rectifier filter circuit to test filter drop of about 0.6V, so the no-load voltage than nominal high voltage is about 0.6V-1V. Regardless of any power transformer, have a certain resistance, so when the output current of the power transformer, will produce pressure drop inside, equal to the output current multiplied by the resistance of power transformer. Usually restricted to a current value when the output current reaches the pixelcost output voltage is reduced to 95% of the nominal voltage, or other proportion, the current value is the nominal current.

2Similarly, the nominal voltage of the power transformer, the output current is different, can not be used in the same appliance?

The theory on the same voltage and large power transformer nominal current can replace small nominal current transformer. Large nominal current power transformer will not burn the electric appliances, electric current as much under the same pressure depends on the load, or work appliances. When using the high load operation of the electric current, larger; when using electrical appliances in standby, current small; short current is equal to the voltage divided by the add on the electrical appliances with equivalent resistance. Large power transformer nominal current the current surplus enough, not in place after the current small nominal power transformer overheating or output voltage is too low. On the contrary, instead of high current power transformer with small current power transformer has the danger. It is necessary to clarify some friends with power transformer 10W instead of 12W, it is also not found what the problem is, the reason is the design of the power transformer usually leave some margin of power load and power are less than the power transformer, so the use instead of not for a long time, it is best not to use small power transformers to replace power supply transformer.

3Power transformerThe most afraid of the output end of the touch line caused by a short circuitBecause of this, will soon burn out of the power transformer, so please friends in the measurement or connected circuit,Special attention should be paid to check, can not touch the line so as to avoid damage caused by a short circuit, power transformer.

4Power transformer, normal working hours will be fever, this is a normal phenomenon, when heated to a certain extent will not go up, and the load power (i.e., electricity) is related to the size of the load, the greater the power, the greater the heat.When the heat is too high, more than 70 degrees should be suspended, so as to avoid damage to the power transformer.