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Electronic drainage device, cold dry machine, air compressor, drainage solenoid valve, automatic drain valve, conjoined split type belt timer

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Type electronic drain valve: * voltage to adapt to 24V~240V range are common, regardless of AC and DC, 1/2 inch thread 4 points diameter. 16Bar withstand voltage. The drainage interval is 0.5~45 minutes, adjustable at any time, drainage time is 0.5~10 seconds, adjustable at any time. The temperature is -45~65 degrees. Original selling at low price, 1 also. There are accessories to choose from. If you don't understand, please consult the customer service.

 Electronic drainage valve concise instructions:
 1. clean the compressed air system before installation
2. attention should be paid to the arrow direction of the valve body in the installation: the water outlet shall not use hoses that do not resist the impact of air flow
3. the power supply voltage should be the same as the drain valve voltage: when using DC, the positive pole must be connected with the connector "1"
4. when the factory has been connected to the cable drain valve, brown for red L, blue zero line N, yellow green double color is safe grounding wire GND
5. be sure to screw the long screw on the wire box to prevent water ingress and burnout warning! The installation of electronic drain valve must be ensured; 1, compressed air has been emptied (ie at zero pressure) 2, the power has been cut off
Two, timer settings
1. timer
The setting time of the left knob and the setting time of the right knob are set as follows: the discharge time is 2S, the interval time is 20min, and further adjustment is made according to the need
2. digital display timer
Long press (1) (OFF) 3 seconds after the show last set time SECON (MINOFF) and flashing, press the ON button after the release of each time is reduced by one unit, each click the OFF button to add a time unit, set the required ON (OFF) time, click TEST/ENTER then, data storage and exit the setting state, after setting, the system returns to the state of the original work, a new time play a role in the next cycle (2) query time and manual test
In the normal working state, such as the current ON (OFF) state, click the OFF (ON) key is displayed as OFF (ON) shape set time, and transferred to OFF (ON) working state
In normal operation, press the TEST/ENTER button and release, then transferred to the next initial state, namely ON state, ON lights, power output and re timing, that is, can be used as manual test button
Three, abnormal state processing
 1. the electronic drain valve works normally, but it is not ruled out by water. It is likely that the filter screen is blocked. At this time, the filter screen must be cleaned. The strainer is cleaned at least once a month
2. in the case of no damage to the components, the solenoid valve can not be closed (leakage), the reason may be a lot of water in the condensate powder into the filter, into the gap between the valve core and sheath, the spool stuck, and then need to clean the spool
3. cleaning spool;
(1) close the isolation valve, press the TEST button to drain the compressed air to ensure that the drain valve has been isolated from the air pressure system (zero pressure)
(2) cut off the drain valve power supply
(3) take off the coil (before removing the coil, the electronic drain valve must be power off, otherwise the electric coil is burned out of the valve stem), unscrew the six angle nut, remove the valve core and spring, clean the valve seat, valve core and spring and spool sheath, and then reinstall the end