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BP801 pressure transmitter 4-20ma0-5/10V output ceramic diffusion silicon sensor 131 small

The constant pressure water supply hydraulic pressure is common, each range and output signal have accurate stable signal stability, small drift, reliable quality, no worry about one year replacement.

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  • The store has already joined the security and paid the deposit. All the goods are supported after the receipt of the goods.No reason to return the goods for 7 daysDo not need reasons, please rest assured to buy, there are questions at any time to consult.
  • This product can fault within a year of free maintenance, life-long repair a year outside the only need for material cost.
  • The diffusion silicon core has a theoretical medium temperature of 130 degrees, and the theoretical medium temperature of the ceramic core is 70 degrees, and the radiator is recommended over 100 degrees.The mass precision of the diffusion silicon core is better, and can be used as negative pressure, kPa level and more than 40MPa; the smaller range or larger range is recommended to use the diffusion silicon core.
  • The pressure sensor stores each after detection on testingtable, prior to delivery to the buyer alsoAn electrical examinationTo ensure that every product is a qualified product.
  • The screw thread of the pressure sensorM20X1.5 metric threadThat is, the diameter of the 20MM is 1.5MM. This is the same as the thread of the ordinary long pass pressure meter. If you need 2 and 4 points of the British thread, there are also goods, but before the purchase need to say, because we default is the M20X1.5 metric thread. The default 4-20mA output, the voltage output needs to add 30 yuan!
  • Summary

BP801 The pressure transmitter is a high performance pressure transmitter designed for the harsh environment of the environment. The micro amplifier processing circuit has the characteristics of shock resistance and impact resistance, high accuracy and good stability. It is widely used in pressure, liquid level measurement and process control in oil, chemical, metallurgical and food industries.

  • Characteristic

High strength exterior structure of stainless steel

The shape and structure are diversified and can be customized according to the requirements

Strong anti-interference and good long-term stability


  • performance parameter

Measurement range: -0.1-0-100Mpa

Measurement accuracy: + 0.5%FS, (+ 0.2%FS customization)

Output signal: 4-20mADC (1-5VDC, 0-10V custom)

Overload pressure: less than 150%FS

Long term stability: less than 0.2%FS/

Compensation temperature: 0-80 degrees centigrade

Medium temperature: 0-80 C (250 C)

Ambient temperature: -20-70 C

Temperature drift: + 0.03%FS/ C

Ambient humidity: less than 85%RH

Shell material: stainless steel structure

Measuring medium: no corrosion of gas and liquid to stainless steel


  • Electrical wiring

Matters needing attention

  • The wiring should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions of the use of our company.
  • This product is a precision instrument, which prohibits dismantling, collision, falling and poking sensors with sharp instruments.
  • The transmitter can work after electrifying, but preheating30The output is stable after a minute.
  • If the exception is found in the use, the power supply should be turned off, the use is stopped, the inspection shall be carried out, or contact directly to the technical department of our company.
  • When transporting or storing, the original packing should be restored and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated storeroom.
  • Quality assurance period12A month (the improper use of pressure overload, wiring error, etc. causes the damage not to be within the scope of the quality assurance).


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