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FAG bearings imported from Germany 22217E1 spherical roller bearings imported 22217E1K.C3

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Bearing installation

Bearing installation is good or bad, will affect the bearing accuracy, life expectancy and performance. Therefore, please fully consider the installation of the bearing, that is, please follow the operation standards including the following items for bearing installation.

First, cleaning bearings and related partsGrease-lubricated bearings and both sides with a seal or dust cover, seal bearings without the need for cleaning before installation.

Second, check the size of related parts and finishing conditions

Third, the installation methodBearing installation should be based on bearing structure, size and bearing components with the nature of the fit, the pressure should be added directly to the tight fit of the ferrule end face, not through the rolling body transmission pressure, the bearing installation generally adopts the following method:

a.Press fitBearing inner ring and the shaft to make tight fit, the outer ring and the bearing seat hole is loose fit, the press can be used to press the first bearing mounted on the shaft, and then the shaft together with the bearing into the bearing hole, Bearing inner ring end surface, the pad made of a soft metal material to make the sleeve (copper or mild steel), the inner diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly larger than the journal diameter, diameter diameter should be slightly smaller than the bearing inner ring ribs to avoid Press on the cage. Bearing outer ring and bearing housing tight fit, the inner ring and the shaft is loose fit, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing housing hole, then the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. If the bearing ring and the shaft and seat hole are tight fit, the installation of the inner ring and the outer ring to be pressed into the shaft and the seat hole at the same time, the assembly of the sleeve structure should be able to simultaneously hold the bearing inner ring and outer ring end.

b.Heating withBy heating the bearing or housing, the use of thermal expansion of the tight fit into a loose fit installation method. Is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for the installation of bearings with a large amount of interference, the bearing or separable bearings before the ferrule into the tank evenly heated80-100℃, and then removed from the oil as soon as possible to the shaft, in order to prevent cooling after the inner surface of the shoulder and shoulder fit tight, the bearing can be further cooled after axial fastening. Bearing outer ring and light metal bearing with a tight fit, the use of heated bearing seat method of hot, you can avoid the mating surface by scratches. When heating the bearing with fuel tank, there should be a grid at a certain distance from the bottom of the tank, or the bearing should be hung with a hook, the bearings can not be placed on the bottom of the tank, so as to prevent impurities from entering the bearing or uneven heating. The tank must have a thermometer, Strict control of oil temperature shall not exceed100℃, to prevent the tempering effect, reducing the hardness of the ferrule.

c.Taper hole bearing installationConical bore bearings can be mounted directly on the tapered journal or on the taper of the adapter and withdrawal sleeves. The degree of mating tightness can be measured by the reduction in radial clearance of the bearing. Therefore, Radial bearing clearance measurement, the installation process should always measure the clearance to achieve the required clearance reduction so far, the general installation of the lock nut installation, heating methods can also be used.

d.Thrust bearing installationThrust bearing with the shaft and the general coordination with the transition fit, seat and bearing seat hole with the general clearance fit, so this bearing easier to install, axial thrust shaft bearings should be fixed on the shaft to prevent relative Rotation on the shaft. Bearing installation method, under normal circumstances is the majority of shaft rotation, so with the inner ring and the shaft for over-win with the bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber with the clearance fit.

Fourth, the bearing inspection after installation

Fifth, the addition of lubricants High-speed precision angular contact ball bearings installationHigh-speed precision angular contact ball bearings, mainly used for high-speed light-load rotation occasions, bearing high precision, high speed, low temperature and reduce vibration and a certain service life. Often used for high-speed electric spindle bearings mounted in pairs, is a key component of high-speed electric spindle grinder inner surface.

Main Specifications:

1.Bearing accuracy index:exceedGB/307.1-94 P4Level accuracy

2.High-speed performance indicators:dmNvalue1.3~1.8x 106 /min

3.Service life (average):1500 hHigh-speed precision angular contact ball bearings and installation of a great relationship between life,

Should note the following:

1.Bearing installation should be carried out in clean, clean room, the bearing should be carefully matched, the bearing spacer to be ground, while maintaining the inner and outer ring spacer contour, the spacer parallelism should be controlled at1umthe following;

2.Bearings should be cleaned before installation, cleaning the inner ramp upwards, the feeling should be flexible, non-stagnant flu, dry, put a specified amount of grease, in the case of oil mist lubrication should be placed in a small amount of oil mist oil;

3.Bearing installation should be used special tools, uniform force, no beat;

4.Bearing should be stored clean and ventilated, non-corrosive gases, relative humidity does not exceedToo65%Long-term storage should be regularly rust.

Tapered roller bearings, pump shaft bearing installation

one,Bearing installation:Bearings must be installed in a dry, clean environment. Care should be taken prior to installation to check the mating surfaces of the shaft and housing, the end faces of the shoulders, the quality of the grooves and connecting surfaces. All mating surfaces must be carefully cleaned and deburred, castings must be cleaned of virgin surface sand.Bearings should be installed before using gasoline or kerosene clean, dry and use, and ensure good lubrication, bearings are generally used for grease lubrication, oil lubrication can also be used. Grease lubrication, should be selected without impurities, anti-oxidation, rust, extreme pressure and other excellent performance grease. Grease filling capacity for the bearing and bearing housing30%-60%, Not too much. Double row tapered roller bearings with sealed structure and pump shaft bearing have been filled with grease, the user can directly use, can not be cleaned.Bearing installation, you must exert an equal pressure on the circumference of the ferrule end face, the ferrule pressed into, must not use the first head and other tools directly hit the bearing face, so as not to damage the bearings.In the case of a small amount of interference, the sleeve can withstand the bearing ring at room temperature with the end face, with the head tapping the sleeve, the sleeve through the ring into a balanced pressure. If the high-volume installation, hydraulic machine can be used. When pressed in, should ensure that the outer ring end face and the shell shoulder end face, the inner ring end face and the shaft shoulder end face compact, does not allow a gap.When the interference is larger, the oil bath heating or sensor heating method can be used to install the heating temperature range80-100℃, the maximum can not be exceeded120℃. At the same time, the use of nuts or other appropriate method of fastening the bearing to prevent the bearing cooling shrinkage in the width direction between the ring and the shoulder gap.Single row tapered roller bearing installation should finally be carried out clearance adjustment. Clearance value should be based on different conditions of use and the size of the interference with the specific to determine. When necessary, should be tested to determine. Double row tapered roller bearings and pump shaft bearings have been adjusted in the factory clearance, no need to adjust the installation.After installation, the bearing should be subjected to rotation test. First, it should be used on the rotating shaft or bearing box. If there is no abnormality, the bearing should be powered at no-load and low-speed. Then, the rotation speed and load should be gradually increased depending on the operation condition. Noise, vibration and temperature rise , Found abnormal, should stop running and check. Operation test after normal delivery.

two,Bearing removal:After the bearing is removed and it is intended to continue to be used, appropriate disassembly tools should be used. Remove the interference with the ferrule, tension can only be added to the ferrule, transmission of disassembly force will never be allowed through the rolling element, otherwise the rolling element and raceway will be crushed.

three,Bearing the use of the environment:According to the use of parts and conditions of use and environmental conditions to choose the size, precision, with appropriate bearing is to ensure the bearing life and reliability of the premise.