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Glass mercury thermometer precision industrial thermometer precision -30-0-50-100-300 degree precision 0.1

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Size introduction:

0-100 degree division value 0.1 degrees, quality package inspection, full length 62cm

0-50 degree /-30-20 degree /50-100 degree /100-150 degree /150-200 degree /200-250 degree 250-300 degree fraction value 0.1 degrees, quality package inspection, full length 45cm

-30-50度分度值0.2度 质量包检 全长38cm

-2-300度/0-360度0-400度/分度值1度 质量包检 全长38cm

70-90度分度值0.1度质量包检 全长29.5cm

-10-50度分度值0.1度 质量包检 45cm

普通温度计 全长50cm




Note: thermometer starts at high temperature. It is noted that there is a tapered bubble on the thermoscope. Sometimes there will be breakage in transport or stored species, which is a normal phenomenon of thermometer. It can be completely repaired. If the thermometer breaks off, if we can make the column of mercury and the following gas into the conical bubble by the way of cooling, we will force it down in a wide area. Repair a thermometer through a cooling method. The principle is that the mercury column and the broken section are cooled or heated to the broadest place.

The difference of comparison degree:

All ordinary thermometer is very simple, the calibration of the thermometer have only two points, 0 degrees, 50 degrees or 100 degrees. Most of the thermometer stability in the market is two points. And is not standardized, such as at 0 degrees, and not through the ice water mixture poured cold water poured into the ice scoop is a mixture of ice and water, put a pile of thermometer inside a throw of the start. No matter where the surface of the liquid is, the 0. error method is set on the mercury column end of the thermometer. 100 degree is not a simple open water inside to throw in the degree. Summary: the thermometer, which is flooded by the market, is mostly the two degrees, no matter how many scales are averaged in the middle, and the thermometer is not standardized. If the calibrating point is not accurate, what about?


Every ten degrees of one degree, such as a 0-50 degree precision thermometer, is fixed at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. And each temperature point is guaranteed to be a calibration specification. For example, after the remnants of the ice for half an hour at room temperature, mostly water is a small part of the ice floats on the surface of the liquid when the water temperature is 0 degrees. Use the temperature bubble to contact the water part and the liquid surface should be exactly aligned with the end of the mercury column is the correct 0 points, and the line should be fine and fine to ensure the thermometer. The same is done all other temperature process with high accuracy in temperature control system of high precision in accordance with a standard thermometer. At 100 degrees, it is necessary to strictly guarantee the opening of the 1 atmospheric pressure in the atmospheric pressure, and there is a key point. The mercury column end of the full dipping thermometer must be aligned with the surface of the water. Summary: our thermometer is set at a degree of ten degrees, and the degree of 50 degrees is five times, which is nearly 2 times higher than that of the ordinary thermometer 2 times, and the calibration of the thermometer is very strict according to the requirement. The accuracy of the thermometer is guaranteed.

Look at the end of the thermometer with a safety bubble. What is it to do? The thermometer will not damage the explosion thermometer and increase the safety of the thermometer in order to increase the measurement range. Second, from the beginning of the thermometer is higher than the ambient temperature, the temperature sensing bubble above the storage base in order to start the mercury thermometer temperature above 50 degrees, transportation sometimes start or store prone thermometer broken section, the security is global warming, the broken part enters the safe bubble relatively wide, mercury gas automatically by gravity extrusion connect the broken section, pay attention to the use of heating method for repair of thermometer broken when the attention of the mercury column can not be at the top of the full security bubble, if the full security bubble continue heating will damage the thermometer need to immediately stop heating, the temperature thermometer method to repair the broken section

Glass products, please sign before signingInspectionOnce the damage is found, please refuse to accept it in time or contact our customer service before signing it. If we find breakpoint due to the express shock, we can operate according to the following steps.

1: find a thick book pad under the bottom, the mercury bubble down frequently, the attention channel is not too big to reduce the gap between bubbles.

2: if it is a thermometer within 100 degrees, you can put the mercury bubble in the boiling water and allow the mercury line to be connected automatically.

3: if it is 100 degrees above the thermometer can be lit a candle and horizontal thermometer, with a candle flame grilled mercury bubble bubble, observing mercury mercury, the flow to the other end and connected to the heating part of the thermometer breakpoint stop immediately

3: gently place the baked thermometer, do not touch with hand lest scald, with cooling, with a soft cloth to wipe off the black carbon dust on the silver bubble.