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High-power rechargeable household rechargeable micro-electric grinding pen engraving electric mill high-power small mini woodworking

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Product commitment

Quality problems: 7 days return, March replacement! !

Three months after the expiry of the parts on the loss of supply at cost and provide free maintenance service for life! ! Motor appearance is not damaged or deformed Oh! !

Mini electric mill Instructions for use:

1. This small electric grinder design is reasonable and easy to use, widely used in dental processing, denture repair, nail beauty, mold grinding, cutting, polishing, arts and crafts, gemstone jade jewelry processing, metal processing and machinery manufacturing industries

2. This small electric grinder with super locking force, the use of safe 12V DC motor, small vibration, low noise, stable speed, stable power output, in order to facilitate your use, with a 12V battery and use at 110V / 220V power on the direct use

3. Before use must be in the off state of the grinding head installed (the use of the grinding head diameter should be less than 3mm), according to the brake pin, with a wrench to grind the grinding head, the power can be used. Continuous use of time not more than 20 minutes Please shut down to cool the machine

4. Install the grinding head to be concentric vertical, otherwise the use of vibration will affect the normal use and processing quality, and may lead to early damage to small electric mill

5. Do not use too much force during use, resulting in decreased speed, the force should be promptly reduced, so as to avoid damage to the motor

Chuck range: 0.5mm 1mm 1.5mm 2.3mm 3MM

Upgrade adjustable speed models

Warranty Description:GrindersWithin seven days of the warranty postage we assume, within one month postage AA system, more than 1 month after the buyer, hereby explain. Warranty products according to the actual warranty time warranty (Note: electric tools products rotor commutator diameter wear more than 0.2mm, no warranty, can be exchanged for cost).Return must beEnsure that the appearance of the product is not damaged, does not affect the secondary sales,Send the goods, together with the packaging and related accessories (gifts, etc.).

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The original standard speed electric mini mill

Charge speed control models


Buyer must read:

This electric mill is compact and lightweight,Non-high-power type, You can not force grinding, suitable for small objects need to be processed friends, if you need a big power, please buy carefully.Electric mill is not satisfied with 7 days returnNot satisfied can apply for a return,If you are not satisfied please return,Not satisfied please return,Not satisfied please return, the important thing that three times!Do not return to the poor assessment, it is so unethical oh.If you want to buy, but can not guarantee for praise, then please do not buy this product. One of your bad review, in exchange for a few days the owner sad sad and tears Ben ....There are no things much ado about