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7 Weili V383 remote control quadcopter 3D stunt drone six-channel brushless remote control model aircraft

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price: USD$ 2412.80
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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PS: XK series does not support returns, bad only supports maintenance, does not support returned, once purchased, the default terms!

Product Size: 430 * 510 * 141mm

Color box size: 560 * 155 * 500mm

Carton size: 970 * 590 * 525mm

Packing number: 6

Gross weight: 21 / 18kg

Wheelbase: 577mm
Material: Carbon rod, PC, ABS
Flight time: 6 minutes
Remote control distance: 350 meters
Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 45C
Motor: 2218 3000 / KV * 1pcs
Flight weight: 1225g


1. Six-way remote control, bus receiver 2.4GHZ
2.ESC: 50A brushless speed regulator
3. Drive: 5 high-performance fiber toothed belt
4. Charger: high-performance balance charge, balance accuracy 0.01V
Set 3D and 6G


1: This product is a high quality mid-level aircraft model, suitable for more than 18-year-old model aircraft professional players.

Many model friends 4.9 high quality praise, absolute high quality intermediate model aircraft.

2: Model aircraft is a high-speed sensitive flight instrument, enjoy high-end entertainment, but also need some operational skills to control well, please know.

Note: This model for the mid-level aircraft, the operation is more difficult, there is no professional experience in model aircraft nor the guidance of model instructor operation, are not recommended to buy. Probably not hit the fly crash. This product once used, will not be returned, novices please confirm clearly, I have to buy!

This product is a mid-level model aerobatic aircraft, is strictly prohibited under 18 years of operation.



Many friends purchase, there are many questions and concerns about freight, here are some of the topics are often concerned about, hoping to solve some doubts and concerns

A: shipping or delivery is good?
Solution: most of the bulk of the transaction transactions, a small parcel has a general consumption, 30-55 per month, so less goods, shipping is not good Oh, orders in Guangdong Province and foreign orders less than 500 yuan, Choose express better!

Second: What is the freight?
Solution: The green logistics, for example, the general metropolitan area, a cargo of about 40 yuan, about 60 yuan transit, the actual small logistics may be, Debon, Arima, Sinpo, Jiaji relatively high prices, specifically Carrier company shall prevail!

Three: How long does freight take?
Solution: Chenghai is a toy factory in the world. The logistics industry is relatively developed. The major cities are basically reachable in four days and the transit cities are about one week! Hair and other large logistics Debon, the time is about a day or two longer than the green logistics, we and your estimated transit time, only for reference, do not rule out individual weather, vehicle arrangements, traffic conditions and many other factors, but failed to punctuality Arrived, I hope not to embarras us!

Four: be cautious delivery location!
Solution: Relative Debon, Jiaji, green logistics has a drawback, the network is not enough Qi, generally only one service point in a city, and many county-level cities less than. Special line logistics freight although cheaper, but may appear pick-up location away from their own dozens of kilometers away, so before choosing a shipping company, first understand the specific arrival location, do not time-consuming to run dozens of kilometers delivery, it is worth the candle!

Five: delivery, found that the carton damaged severely crushed to do how to do?
Solution: please contact me! ! Inform the extent of damage and the number of missing, coordinated by our shipping companies and solve! Unauthorized signature delivery, the shipping company a logical way to evade responsibility, to our dilemma, will not be our protection, the consequences of their own!
Purchase Notes:

1, on the size
Dimensions are manual measurement, due to different measurement tools and measurement methods and other factors, there will be 1-2cm error, according to the actual product.

2, on the color
Our goods are taken in kind, the color by proofing, and tiled nearly closer, due to the computer monitor color and color temperature are different and so on.

3, on customer service
If your consultation failed to respond promptly, please leave a message, we will reply you as soon as possible. Please understand!

4, on the quality
Affect the normal use of goods, such as damage, cracking, serious flaws, rupture, etc. as a quality problem, the shop take responsibility. However, delayed delivery courier, the size of a slight deviation, and not the same as the imagination, a slight color, material does not feel like it and so on are not quality problems. In the case does not affect the secondary sales, allowing the return, the buyer bear the return shipping.

5, on the delivery
We have the cooperation of the courier (default) Huitong, STO, or Debon Express.

6, on receipt
Please check the parcel when the courier face sign, you have the right to do so (by the buyer himself agreed to pick up the same rights by others), if found missing, wrong, damaged, please contact us in time, if you have questions, please do not Sign, we will solve the problem in time for you. After receipt, according to Ali new regulations, the risk has been transferred by the buyer, the restaurant is not responsible for compensation, please forgive me.