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Double electric mill grinding machine carving tools wood carving Gendiao polished polishing machine sets jade carving machine

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Use security issues Note:DIY is a pleasant thing, so when making things in DIY, the use of safety can not be ignored, here are some of the instructions do not indicate the need to pay attention to the problem, I hope that buyers will be able to look carefully:

The general use of abrasive grinding head is not a problem, the use of cutting the film when the need to pay attention, the cutting speed of the disk can not exceed 20000 rev / min, usually 3-4 degrees in the machine, the cutting rod must be Plug in the end of the installation, so as not to over-thrown rejection bending, cutting must be cut along the cutting slot down, can not be tilted or twisted to, this situation is also easily broken into pieces as flying out. .

Of course, the most important thing is to do a good job of safety protection, such as taking good goggles, wearing good gloves, not dragging long hair and so on. These instructions have instructions and must be read.