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Wheel grinding glass grinding tungsten steel grinding wheel metal polishing wheel electric grinding wheel electric grinding head conversion shaft wheel stone mill

discount 80% in 2018-05-21 to 2018-05-21
price: USD$ 75.24
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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About product prices, we do not go lower than the price, we are concerned about the quality.

Sincere, quality first, quantity to win, this is our aim.

Grinding wheel is a mixture of abrasive and binder by pressing, drying, roasting and made, loose disk, wheel and other shapes of abrasive. Grinding wheel is the amount of abrasive, a wide range of use, [1] grinding wheel is the main type of abrasive grinding. Due to abrasive, bonding agent and manufacturing process is different,

1. Quality Description; This product is produced according to national standards, if you can not meet the requirements you need, we will immediately for you

Goods, (Note; customized according to your request no longer returned within the product) has been to meet your requirements.

2. Express and checked the logistics, express delivery we mainly to pass,
3. Express sometimes unhappy, for a variety of reasons, sometimes not receive the goods for a few days, please buyers also understand them.

Zero risk commitment

1. "Pro, my family all products in your receipt of the goods, I feel dissatisfied, you can return within 7 days, or replacement.

2. In the process of logistics and transportation damage, we will pay all the compensation.

3. Our products to determine the value you can create, this is your need, your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Let us show you step by step, I can do everything I say. If I talk differently or if you have any questions about me, you have the right to return every penny you pay me. Here are my commitments to you:

4. 7 days return commitment: do not like to be free to return, the quality of goods (including the logistics process

Of the damage) I have to bear the loss, the return of the operation returned immediately to your account; if I do not cash, you can tell Amoy

Po, Taobao will pay you first;

5. After strict quality control of goods, fake triple price compensation, if I do not fulfill their commitments, Amoy

Treasure will pay you first;

6. Lightning delivery promises: 48 hours for your shipment, my home is the manufacturer, if the customized delivery date of the product we will tell you in advance. If I do not fulfill its promise, Taobao will pay you first;

7. Free repair commitment: If the baby in the receipt of quality problems within 30 days, I repair for you free of charge, if I

Do not fulfill their commitments, Taobao will pay you first;

Buyer's Note:

1. For those who are unfamiliar with the product, please make a purchase before purchasing.

The color is inevitable a slight error, please receive the kind prevail, the color is too sensitive buyers please buy with caution.

2. Before the goods photographed, please ask whether the goods needed by the pat, the owner's answer the same day effective.

3. Please take the goods within 24 hours from the time of payment, not to leave the goods overdue and deemed not photographed,

The owner has the right to take the initiative to close the easy, there are special circumstances, please explain in advance.

4. We use the courier company is; Express, SF shipping requirements 22 yuan themselves. After we receive the payment

Usually shipped the same day, special circumstances (such as time is too late (before 17 every day),

Can not keep up the delivery time) will want to contact, delivery methods are divided into, postal parcel (7-30 days),

Postal Express package (7-30 days) Post EMS Speedpost (2-8 days) private courier company (2-15 days);

Customized product time to be determined. Express delivery sometimes seven or eight days, it is also normal, do not blame the seller.

5. Private courier companies can not reach the place by default postal parcel parcel delivery; postal parcels and express parcels

The inquiry time limit is one month did not receive the goods, can inquire, this buyer please have psychological preparation.

5. Please carefully check the quality of goods after receiving the goods, the buyer for the second sale

Not returned, custom-made products are not returned.

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