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Product parameters

product name:

Vibrating electric lettering pen

Lettering depth:

0.1mm-1mm(Depending on the material)


Giant energy

Repeat depth:

0.2mm-2mm(Depending on the material)

working principle:

Shock RBI into a line

Wire length:


Lettering method:

Hand lettering

Operating Voltage:

AC 220v

Support speed control:

stand by

working frequency:


Nib material:

Pure tungsten steel



shell material:

High-strength plastic



Coil material:

Copper core coil (excellent)



product description:

Electric typewriter is a novel lettering instrument, small and exquisite product design, light weight, easy to carry, quick and easy to use. By the vast number of consumers of all ages. Not only does it function as a marker for classification in scientific research and industrial production, but it still has a wide range of uses in both commercial and domestic applications. It also has unique uses in process engineering. The instrument provides one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep the mark on materials, which can be lettering and engraving on almost any material such as metal, ceramic or wood.

Mechanical principle:

Produce forced vibration (up and down vibration) by using the periodicity of AC frequency.So the process will have a certain amount of affordable volume (the principle of the lettering pen has a certain volume) so allergic to cautious Oh~


Slightly angled like a pen(45Degree around),And hand resting on the table,Do not press down hard when writing,Writing slower than usual.Through the gear adjustment can adjust the writing stroke,Master the performance by repeatedly writing it,To satisfy the font size and depth requirements for writing different materials.


Continuous work should not be more than 20 minutes, so as not to damage the coil, intermittent use to ensure the life of the body, the case should be cooled after the use of heat, please turn off the power when not in use!