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New mini UAV mini remote control aircraft aerial small quadcopter electric helicopter toys

discount 75% in 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-22
price: USD$ 126.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Shipping Instructions:

Payment orders normal day; special circumstances will be issued 48 hours, our default hair tact, STO; more than the default hair safety, Debon logistics; if we do not arrange their own

He courier .If you want a large number of orders, delivery and payment needs to be determined after negotiating with the customer service.
Out of stock problem solution: First of all, we will contact the consignee, inform the reasons for stocking, consignee consulted with the replacement of styles. If you can not contact the receiver, then the default is

According to the order delivery can send how much the principle of hair. The rest of the purchase price will be returned to the buyer.

Sign Description:
Please buyers sign the package, face to face check and correct signature. If found: the number does not match, the goods damaged, please immediately sealed the original refused to sign, in front of the courier's face the first time

Department store owner, confirmed by myself can be returned. Once the receipt, the restaurant does not take any responsibility, please note! ! ! The same is true of other sign-ups, so be sure to ask yourself


Breakage: Damage caused by transport will not be borne by the Division I (recommended to choose Debon, SF insurance like logistics). But we have an obligation to make every effort to help customers solve

In order to solve this problem, our company will adopt logistics double packaging, pad cushion, compact stacking and other ways to avoid the occurrence of damage. Please (or other receiving person) be sure and fast

Delivery staff to check the quantity and appearance of the goods (this is your right), such as the wrong number or appearance damage, please sign the courier confirmation.

Question 1, couriers refused to open the inspection together
The solution: express receipt you have to pick up after the receipt, to check after the return to the courier.

Question 2, couriers refused to sign the number of missing confirmation
The solution: you write down his phone number and name on it
Please read the above carefully, which is very important to you. If you can not do the above actions, we will be very sorry about the problems we have and we will not be able to do so.

Returns: Return conditions --- the quality of the product itself, the product itself should lead to lack of functionality, we will be returned to the deal, (returned on the premise that the packaging intact second

The sales, or to add packaging costs, so please try to return the product packaging intact), but the resulting shipping costs borne by the buyer (most of the problems can be replaced by battery, adjust

Battery placement, thread connection ... and other simple ways to solve, sell toys to repair toys Oh). Others, such as poor sales, there is no imagination ... and other non-product quality problems

The reason, we will not provide return! So before buying, please refer to the actual parameters of the product as a reference guideline.

Product Quality: Our products are passed through the production, postpartum, issued before the number of inspection, fully qualified before delivery, but a variety of uncertainties will lead to the loss of product features, Division I

Can only guarantee a pass rate of 98%, 2% is exempted. (In addition to retail products other than the wholesale variety of 2% if any exemption)

Pictures and in-kind: product pictures for the Selfie, more able to truly reflect the actual product itself, but the light, and other factors may cause a slight difference between the picture and the kind. Due to market changes and other factors

Su-factory may adjust the color of the product and packaging, packaging, etc., please prevail.

Other: We do not boutique, not handicrafts, not art, not electrical, aircraft model toys, perfectionist or strict requirements of the product, please turn gorgeous, elegant

detour. Transportation is done by a third-party logistics company, not something we can control. Transport time by the weather, vehicle arrangements, traffic conditions and many other factors, we and your estimated transport time

Room, for reference only, not as a contract of content, nor as a reason for return.

The above terms please buyers carefully read, from the time of ordering take effect. If any objections, please confirm with our staff and then order.

Special emphasis: [return and after-sales service]
1, before the return must inform our customer service, after we get the consent of the return, or we have the right to reject! (Retail if there are quality problems can be shipped freight actual shipping compensation

Households, reject everything to pay for the package) Please return the return list of logistics, in order to check the receipt of the workers.

2, please customer orders, promptly check the site notice or contact the site sales staff to obtain a single number, and pay attention to the single number, in case of problems, please take the initiative to contact the courier company and site staff

Solve it. Due to the delay caused by the courier, this site does not assume responsibility. We will try to negotiate with the courier company to help solve the problem.

3, in case of return requirements, the customer must ensure that the goods in good condition, unused, no damage to the product, does not affect the secondary sales of goods. (Such as returned goods do not meet the standards, this site will be

Charge 20% fee), return shipping costs borne by the buyer.

4, our company has quality inspectors on the product prenatal, mid-delivery, postpartum and other strict inspection to ensure that 100% of product quality will be shipped without problems, but because of various uncertainties, the Division I only

97% -98% guarantee after the arrival of the product quality no problem, 2% -3% belongs to the exemption scope. Division I sent out the goods, please customers first inspection, after receipt. When you find that the number is wrong or the product is damaged,

Please stop receipt immediately, the first time to get in touch with us. Contact with our customer service staff, consultations, do not blindly sign, all authorized sign or on behalf of the sign are regarded as the consignee or

The consignee himself authorized. Thank you for your cooperation!